April 17, 2019


Gluten Free That Tastes Good!

Introducing our Kaliwonder Gluten Free Wraps!

Made with Oat Fiber, our gluten free wraps are the perfect addition to your diet without scarifying the taste!

Our wraps are vegan, soy free, GMO free, and made with all natural ingredients.

The wraps are delicious and highly flexible so you can use to make your favorite sandwiches and recipes! 

With only 60 calories in each serving (wrap), the gluten free wraps have additional nutritional and health benefits. 

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Our Kaliwonder Gluten Free Wraps are made with Oat Fiber.

Oat Fiber have a number of benefits including:

Reduce LDL level and prevents diabetes.

For many years health experts have been advising us to make fiber a regular part of our diet. Fiber can help the body expel the toxins and other waste products that remain in the digestive tract system, resulting in well functioning digestion. The elimination of toxins and waste products may help your body combat against many serious diseases and illness.